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We are a physiotherapy and performance enhancement clinic that will maximise your physical potential, reduce your injury risk, target and resolve the root of your pain.

We use cutting edge video motion capture to acquire an in depth physical analysis of your current state of movement. This is combined with our extensive knowledge of injury treatment and conditioning to create your own Physical Revolution.


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"This is your Revolution. Your exploration of what you can achieve. Your source of education on how you move your body. Your answer to improving your physical performance for whatever you choose to do – sport, fitness or work."


I am so pleased to be working with Matt. I never thought I would find someone to match my aspiration of giving the highest quality of care that is right at the forefront of injury and fitness. Straight talking, honest, with boundless enthusiasm for physical performance he is utterly committed to giving all he can to every patient and client so they get the best out of their body and achieve their goals. I wouldn’t want to work in this field with anyone else....more


Will’s vast experience and knowledge in this field combined with his drive to excel make him the “go-to”person when searching for a resolution to a physical problem. Seeing how Will works, he would have been my first port of call throughout my playing career. Rare as it is that two people with the same work ethic should collaborate to create what will be the south’s leading performance analysis center and Physical Revolution....more

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